“Don’t feel ashamed when giving little for charity. That is because there is always goodness in giving, no matter how little."
- Saying of Imam Ali (AS) -

Syeda Mehjabeen Fatima has been a sponsored student of IZM since the time she was studying 2nd standard.
She has throughout been a merit and a hard working student. Her father deserted the family and her mother Syeda Kaneez-e-Sajida has brought up the children with utmost difficulty.
The student has now secured admission in Bachelors in Medicine and Bachelors in Surgery (MBBS). Mother has secured a seat by paying I year college fee of Rs. 96,000/- which she could manage by taking hand loan. She is now requesting IZM assistance to educate her daughter.
The requirement of the student is as follows:

MBBS I year fee 2017-2018 Rs. 96,000/- Paid by the parent by taking hand loan
MBBS II year fee 2018-2019 Rs. 70,000/-
MBBS III year fee 2019-2020 Rs. 70,000/-
MBBS IV year fee 2020-2021 Rs. 70,000/-
MBBS V year fee 2021-2022 Rs. 70,000/-
TOTAL Rs. 3,76,000/-

We earnestly request the donors to come forward and help this student and help her to realize her dreams of becoming a doctor.

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The Ramadan Food Grain Distribution 2016.

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