The most generous of people, is the one who gives to those from whom he has no hope of return.
- Saying of Imam-e-Hussain (AS) -

Imam-e-Zamana Mission receives the amount and Neeyat from the donor for performance of Qaza Namaz, Qaza Roza and Recitation of Quran and the same is passed on to the beneficiaries.
This Project is a source of financial help to those needy persons who are restricted to their homes and cannot take up employment outside to earn their live hood and the Marhumeen will be benefited with Isalasawab.
Qaza Namaz, Qaza Roza and Recitation of Quran Project is Organised on every Wednesday under the guidance of Project Chairman. There are about 60 regular beneficiaries, majority women who perform Qaza Namaz, Qaza Roza and Recitation of Quran. The beneficiaries’ performances are tested before issuing for Namaz and Recitation of Quran.
After completion of the Neeyath the beneficiaries submit their completion report which is verified and payment is made. IZM maintains records of amount received, the quarterly progress report is send to the donor.


# Performance Amount Paid (Rs.)
1. Qaza Namaz 1,589 Months 7,29,770
2. Qaza 3,394 Days 5,10,300
3. Quran Recitation 89 Nos. 46,870
4. Namaz-e-Aayat 66 Years 64,890
TOTAL 13,51,830

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