President's Message

S. M. Hashim Moosavi

President, Imam-e-Zamana Mission

Imam–e-Zamana Mission (IZM) is a charitable Society, registered under the Societies Act in 1985. IZM consists of 21 Members’ General Body which elects 11 Board Members and five Executives among the elected Board members once in every three years. Accounts of IZM are audited annually by the chartered Accountant. The Board is responsible to execute various projects and schemes through its Executives. In addition of planning and execution of projects, Board and the Executives ensure transparency in all the financial matters and prompt reporting of funds utilisation to the Donors.

Over the last three decades Imam–e-Zamana Mission has been engaged in helping the deserving members of the community through assistance in the fields of Education, Housing, Medical, Financial Assistance to Widows and Orphans, Self Employment schemes.

Right from inception IZM has identified Education as primary tool for empowerment of the community. Beginning in a humble way activities of IZM in the field of education has expended manifolds for assistance in School education, Intermediate, Degree and Professional & Vocational Courses. The School Education programme is managed through the Imam–e-Zamana Education Society, a. sister Registered Society with the funds provided by IZM. IZM is running four schools which have their own buildings. Over the last twenty years, at any time there are over two thousand students sponsored by IZM in schools. In addition to providing quality education, extracurricular activities are an integral part of education in IZM schools.

The schools have achieved excellent results in Board Examination for Secondary School Certificate (Matriculation). It is heartening to note that about 1656 boys and girls of the community have passed matriculation with the efforts of IZM.

Students successfully coming out of the schools are sponsored for Intermediate Junior Colleges and proceed to Degree or Professional Courses to become Medical Doctors, Engineers, and Masters in Business Administration. It is worthwhile to mention that IZM has helped 40 members of the community to become Medical Doctors, 170 members are Engineers, in addition to about 2000 Graduates in Commerce, Science and Arts and Vocational Courses. Monitoring of progress and counseling at different levels are important aspects in higher education programme of IZM.

Providing shelter to the needy has been another significant activity of IZM. 195 Houses have been constructed and provided to the members of the community at different locations. A housing complex consisting 82 flats have been constructed at Mir Alam Mandi and Moula Ali. IZM have also repaired 185 houses of the needy and poor families. In addition, IZM has been providing monthly and random financial help to 550 widows and deserted women.

All these sustained activities over all three decades have been possible with funds provided by benefactors and benevolent Donors from throughout the world. Planning and implementation of such variety of projects is the result of devotion and dedication of all the members of IZM, particularly members of the Board and Executives.

In look forward for the continued support of the Donors, both existing and likely fresh Donors to enable us to further improve and expand the tasks on hand.