President's Message

Mr. Akber Ali Virjee

President, Imam-e-Zamana Mission

I am confident that with the help and guidance from Allah swt and Ahle bait a.s., IZES can do more and more to serve the community and provide quality education for our children, which is the need of the hour. .

STRENGTH OF STABILITY: One of the greatest strengths of a successful organization is its ability to channelize its efforts in upholding its vision. Since its inception, efforts of IZES have been for the betterment of Shia community in particular and underprivileged section of society in general. IZES has always taken initiatives to act as a bridge between donors and beneficiaries.

COMFORT OF DEPENDABILITY: IZES’s prudent leadership over the years has been an outcome of professionalism, discipline and a systematic approach. It is a matter of pride for IZES to be consistently known among the most trustworthy organizations, not only in Hyderabad, India but all over the world. In spite of changing scenarios and challenging times, IZES’s clear vision and services have successfully contributed to its functioning for more than 30 years.

ESSENCE OF GROWTH: In recent years, growth has slowed down, due to various factors beyond the control of the management. IZM/IZES schools are unfairly being compared to corporate schools. We are catering to children of parents from very humble background. Majority of the parents of our students are wall painters, auto rickshaw drivers, Vegetable and fruit cart pullers, window glass fitters, etc. The parents are bringing up their children with great difficulties. They live in a single room dwelling unit, on a meager rent of Rs.2000/- per month, which is most of the times in default (unpaid). Admissions in schools are provided to all, without anyone being deprived of, due to the shortcomings of their parents, like illiteracy, poor socio economic background, etc

POWER OF TEAMWORK: The relationship between donor, IZES and beneficiary is a long term period. A child who takes admission in LKG in any of our schools is with us for at least 12 years, unless due to domestic situation, like change of residence, or break up between parents, etc he has to leave. Similarly, a sponsor of the student is associated with IZES for very long term. This long term association is only possible where there is unbreakable trust and confidence in the institution. This is achievable only by the ‘power of teamwork’. Dependability, decision-making, strong value systems are some of the important factors of our organization.

IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNICATION: I have increased communication with donors (including those abroad), parents and members. This communication has ensured that people are aware of the good work, even when questions are raised in social media and public portals.

COMMUNICATION ENHANCEMENT: over the last few months we have been through a testing phase, with external forces attempting to spread miscommunication, in order to disrupt our progress. As head of IZES, with your support I have ensured that we communicate directly with our key stakeholders i.e. the parents and donors. Healthy and constructive criticism will always be core to our values and I will continue to uphold this with the trust placed in me. I am also pleased to let you know our search for donors is not limited to the traditional sources as we are making attempts to meet all donors across various countries and share our common values and passion for community development.

In 2019 School uniforms with modified design were distributed with the name displayed prominently in bold and bright design.

Students successfully coming out of the schools are sponsored for Intermediate Junior Colleges and proceed to Degree or Professional Courses to become Medical Doctors, Engineers, and Masters in Business Administration. It is worthwhile to mention that IZM has helped 40 members of the community to become Medical Doctors, 170 members are Engineers, in addition to about 2000 Graduates in Commerce, Science and Arts and Vocational Courses. Monitoring of progress and counseling at different levels are important aspects in higher education programme of IZM.

Providing shelter to the needy has been another significant activity of IZM. 195 Houses have been constructed and provided to the members of the community at different locations. A housing complex consisting 82 flats have been constructed at Mir Alam Mandi and Moula Ali. IZM have also repaired 185 houses of the needy and poor families. In addition, IZM has been providing monthly and random financial help to 550 widows and deserted women.

All these sustained activities over all three decades have been possible with funds provided by benefactors and benevolent Donors from throughout the world. Planning and implementation of such variety of projects is the result of devotion and dedication of all the members of IZM, particularly members of the Board and Executives.

In look forward for the continued support of the Donors, both existing and likely fresh Donors to enable us to further improve and expand the tasks on hand.