Housing & Civil Works

The Civil Works Project is divided in three phases which are looked after by the Civil Work Sub-Committee:
This help is given in three ways:
  • Construction of School Building and Complex
  • Construction of Individual Houses
  • Repairs of Individual Houses
The civil works subcommittee meeting was conducted on 22.02.2016. Four contractors submitted their tenders, out of 4 the least quotation @ Rs.950/- per sqft. was approved. The construction work of Ground floor is completed and First floor is in progress. The 1st phase of School building will be completed by October 2016. Here I would like to appreciate and Thanks the efforts of Mir Ahmed Ali Khan for getting the funds from Sajjadiyya Trust. IZM is also grateful to Sajjadiyya Trust for their generous donation. Apart from this Sajjadiyya trust has donated Rs. 15,73,210/- for Repairs and Maintenance of IZM Boys and Girls School Buildings, Yakutpura.

Please extend your helping hand

for the underprivileged and the needy around you.

IZM School Construction, at Qayam Nagar, Hyderabad.

Executive Committee's Site Visit after Project Completion.

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