Imam-e-Zamana Mission:

IMAM –E- ZAMANA MISSION helps under-privileged, poor and needy to lead a life of honor and dignity through our various projects like Education, Food Grains, Monthly Mali Imdad, Marriage of a poor girl, Medical, Housing, Self Employment scheme. With this mission in mind, the activities are spread in different directions.

We take this opportunity to invite you to participate in our projects. Your support helps us in our efforts to improving the lives of our people in Hyderabad. We request you to kindly extend your generous support for this noble cause and sponsor the needy students for their better future (at present we have more than 400 unsponsored students in our four Schools in Hyderabad and one in Avalkonda (Rural Area).

We welcome and request you to extend your help for the struggling families of our community.

May Allah (SWT) guide us upon the straight path of faith and grant His continuous blessings.

Education Schemes

Child Sponsorship Scheme

Under our Child Sponsorship Scheme a donor sponsors a child for Rs.9,000/- or $150/- per year per child. This unit covers all the educational expenses including school fees, term fees, text books & note books, uniforms etc. This scheme is renewed yearly.

Life (perpetual) Sponsorship Scheme

This scheme caters for Education of school students against a one-time donation of Rs.1,30,000/- per child ($2000). This amount is utilized for education of a school student from LKG to 10th Std.

College Education

When the poor students complete the school education, they are unable to proceed for college education due to their family circumstances. Under College Education IZM assist students for Intermediate 2 year’s course @ Rs.25,000/- Vocational Training @ Rs.15,000/-, Diploma @ Rs.30,000/- and Degree 3 years’ course @ Rs.40,000/-.

Professional Education

Government of Telangana is sponsoring minorities and disbursing the fees to the colleges. Due to this IZM has supporting the student to meet the requirement of their university fees, books etc.

Investing in a child’s education is the single most effective step in winning the fight against extreme poverty.

IZES School, Qayam Nagar

Check out this brief presentation on one of our schools.

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10th Class Counselling.

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Imam-e-Zamana Mission Boys High School.

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IZM School Building, Yakut Pura, Hyderabad.