• Education
    For the underpriviliged
    Imam-e-Zamana Mission since inception has been helping the underpriviliged children get primary, college and professional education.
  • Monetory Support
    For the deserving families
    We provide monetory support to widows, destitute, handicapped, chronically sick and deserving families.
  • Marriage
    of girls belonging to poor families
    Monetory support, for the marriage of poor girls, is provided to the families under this scheme.
  • Housing
    Providing Shelter to the needy
    We undertake the repairs and construction of individual houses of deserving people with the help of the donor.
  • Self Employment
    Providing means of sustenance
    We provide finance for the enhancement of business and setting up of new business.
  • Medical Aid
    Making Healthcare Accessible
    Assistance given for the surgeries, minor/major ailments and for medicines in deserving cases.

The Holy Prophet [saws]:

“When charity (alms) is delivered out of the hand of its owner, it (the thing being given) says five things:

‘At first I was perishing and you gave me life; I was insignificant and you made me great; I was an enemy and you turned me into a friend; you used to protect me then but now I will protect you up to the Day of Resurrection’.”

Al-Ithna 'Ashariyyah, p.223

IZM Annual Report

The 27th Annual Report of Imam-E-Zamana Mission and the Financial Statements for the year 2015-2016.

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Ijaza for Qums

We have the Ijaza for Qums collection from Honourable Ayatullah al Uzma al Sayyid al Seestani.

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Help to Deserving and Needy People of the Community through
Imam-e-Zamana Mission, Hyderabad, India.

We take this opportunity to invite you to participate in our projects. Your support helps us in our efforts to improving the lives of our people in Hyderabad. We request you to kindly extend your generous support for this noble cause and sponsor the needy students for their better future (at present we have more than 400 unsponsored students in our four Schools in Hyderabad and one in Avalkonda (Rural Area).

We are happy to inform you that during last two decades thousands of children got free education in our schools, over five hundred students supported for professional courses and they are well settled MASHA ALLAH, prominent among them are 160 Engineers, 36 Doctors, 56 MBA.s, 30 MCA.s and many more completed other courses.



As you are aware this is an endless process of help to poor and needy. IMAM E ZAMANA MISSION is making all possible efforts to support families who are in need, by drawing the attention of our known donors and you are ONE of them.

The executive committee and board are responsible for the functioning of the mission through its elected executives and They are accountable to the amount spent for the work as per your NIYAT, with reporting and feedback.

During last many years IZM through its tireless efforts and hard work earned a name in working for the upliftment of poor people of our community and those who help us are spread worldwide and trust our sincerity and desire to help the poor.

With time passes the demand for Financial Assistance, especially for education (school/college, professional courses) is increasing and we have to accommodate more and more Students. We invite you to be a part of our mission and donate generous for the cause, Allah (SWT) will reward you and bless you with all happiness in life and Akherat INSHA ALLAH.

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